Friday, 24 June 2011

Building your own CNC router

Building your own CNC

Building your own CNC router

doesn't seem like a project your general DIYer or tinkerer can do; after all building CNC machines shouldn't be anything that is common information. However the kits from produce the process simple. As little as $1700 you could obtain a kit which will allow one to develop a 2 foot x 4 foot CNC router. This kit comes with all materials required to fully build your CNC router from the ground up. All that is demanded could be the CNC/design software. A 5x4 kit is available too for $3575.
The property process looks basic They also help make it a piece of cake to assemble by presenting the complete building instruction absolutely free on video on the Web-based. Ironically, the parts for your router kit are produced from a CNC router comprised of the identical kit. Another nice option if you already have one of their smaller CNC kits, or know somebody with a CNC router - you can obtain the CNC g-code files for a fraction of the price, and mill your own private.

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